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12 December, 2008

Deceit, Corruption, and the Church..
By Daniel the "Scientist"

Why do you trust them?

The church has been filled with corruption since its creation. When the odds, logic, and science are all stacked against it, the Church will still cling to the beloved book. The Christians will cling to the church. It is an unfortunate and dogmatic chain, but it has largely controlled the western world since the dawn of Christianity.

Galileo was the first astronomer to challenge the Church's beloved concept of the earth-centric universe. He had a new theory of a heliocentric universe revolving around the sun. Galileo backed his claims with maps of the (solar) system, observation from his telesope, and with mathematics. According to the church, the new Heliocentric Theory contradicted the bible, thus it could not be true. Galileo took Augustine's stance on scripture (to not take everything in the bible literally) in order to defend this new system. Despite the strong evidence in his favor, the church failed to agree. Galileo was tried before the Spanish Inquisition for Heresy and forced to revoke his theory, now stating that it was false. Problem is,

Galileo was right. (Well, he was much closer than anything the other Catholics had to offer)

Did you know when the church finally recognized that the earth revolves around the sun? 1992. It took 300 years for the Christians and their church to recognize that the Earth is not the center of the universe. That is 300 years that the Church lied to everyone. I'm not sure if its a commandment, but I'm pretty sure "thou shalt not lie" is a pretty basic part of Christianity. So now that we have established that the Church is corrupt (forcing a scientist to revoke his opinion), not all knowing (the Earth was actually not the center of the universe), not all honest (I'm pretty sure they realized that they were wrong before finally admitting it in 1992),, and not all in good faith (they nearly executed a man for having a different opinion), I have a nail to drive in.

So how about that homophobia the Church is so famous for? How can god hate homophobics when His priests are so notorious for molesting little children on the altar. Scratch that, not little children, just little boys. They tell you that open homosexuality is bad, but what about closed, non-consensual homosexual rape? So in addition to being corrupt, not all knowing, dishonest, and not in good faith, the church is also hypocritical – and you say that man would have no morals without god...

Besides all that, there is the theory of evolution that the Church so dogmatically denies. Why? Because it conflicts with their dogmatic Creationist theory. FLAWED. Creationism and Evolution are not mutually exclusive. Evolution is based on natural selection, otherwise known as survival of the fittest. Over long periods of time, natural selection will eliminate those who could not survive. In other words, nothing new is created, just the good of the old maximized in the new. For a metaphor, imagine that a picture you make in Microsoft Paint is a species. Now use the magnifying glass tool and zoom in on a part of the picture. You have just "eliminated" part of the "species" (picture) through "natural selection (zooming in)." As you may have noticed, its still part of the same image, but its a smaller part, and its qualities are maximized within the part you now see. Evolution is in no way mutually exclusive to creationism, because we are simply descendents of the older beings with our specific human traits concentrated into our species. The church seems to ignore the evidence in favor of reading scripture. The field of Paleontology has some choice words for your bible, and your theory of Creationism. Are you sensing a pattern? You should be.

Religion is not for your benefit. Its for Church's. The Church is not interested in anything more than doggedly holding on to the power they currently have and the wealth they control. Why else would they accept “pardons” (you pay the church to cleanse yourself of your sins) throughout history? If you want to be a true Christian, do yourself a favor and read the bible the way it was meant to be interpreted: by you.

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