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09 December, 2008

Same Sex Marriage (Daniel)

And almost as long since I wiped nearly my whole blog. So I figure I should post something important now. The topic of gay marriage came up today and I had a nice argument on that so I suppose I'll summarize my position on that.

From a moral standpoint, you have problems if you don't believe in gay marriage. If a man I know marries another man, no harm is done. If I'm a christian (which I'm not), they will be going to hell. What harm is done to me and other faithful Christians? None. If they want to live out life in happiness with each other and then suffer for eternity in hell, its their choice, not mine, not yours. I'm not the one going to hell (that all is from the standpoint of a christian, which I am not), nor is it my right to choose their fate for them.

Some people say society is based around the family, and that gay marriages cannot create families (they still keep trying, right?!). I suppose next, marriage will be a requirement by this standard. If you don't marry you should die! That is no less wrong than denying a gay couple marriage. Chances, those two gay people weren't going to marry someone of the opposite sex anyways, so they would not create a family either way. Even if a gay couple cannot create a child of their own, there is an option known as adoption. A gay couple can love an adopted child as much as any other couple can.

Now that the moral part is over, its time to talk about the constitutional part. Even if gay marriage is "wrong," (which I don't believe it is), it is unconstitutional to deny it. Why? The USA is supposed to have equal rights for all citizens. A woman can marry a man (assuming they are both citizens). Denying another man to marry that same man is applying a different standard to them. A woman can marry said man, but a man can't? That's NOT equal. We value equality here in the USA, and if you don't believe in equality, get the hell out and let the country be better off without pricks like you.

In this country, our educational system (idea for another blog...) practically brainwashes us to appreciate differences. So why are gays and lesbians outcasted in so many areas of the country? Religion, mostly. Most people who are against gay marriage can have that belief traced to a 2,000 year old book commonly known as the bible. If you are letting that 2,000 year old( rewrite of an older rewrite (the old testament)), book (which is supposedly the word of god) dictate your modern opinion 2000 years later, I have some advice for you: THINK FOR YOUR SELF YOU MORAN (typo=joke). Don't allow an author from 2000 years ago do your thinking. You don't even know if god exists, nonetheless if he has something against homosexuals.

Free thinking. That is the answer. Every time you need an answer to a moral question, ask yourself, not a 2,000 year old artifact. Once you do that, you'll realize that gay marriage does no harm to anyone, and it makes some feel much more completed. No harm to any, great benefits to many. Weigh the pro's and cons. The pros are obvious: many couples could be free to love and marry, the constitution would be upheld, and we could move on to the next civil rights issue. Cons? I guess it costs money to marry, thats about it.

I shall finish this with a last bit of advice. Don't bring a 2,000 year old sword to a modern gun fight.

Don't bring 2,000 year old morals to a modern problem.

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